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Q: Why teak bathroom products?

A: Due to its high natural oil content, teak is resistant to mold and mildew without the application of extra treatments.

Q: How to care for my teak?

A: Teak requires little maintenance.  However, used directly in the shower, soap scum may accumulate on your teak mat.  Using a bristle brush, mild soap and water, scrub gently in the direction of the grain.  Be sure to lift your mat and clean the bottom section as well.  Rinse well with fresh water and allow the teak to dry in open air.

Q: What tools do I need to clean my teak?

A: A bristle brush and dish soap.  Using mild soap and a bristle brush, brush gently in the direction of the grain, then rinse with fresh water and allow to dry in open air.  If your teak requires a deeper cleaning, use a teak cleaner.

Q: How to measure for a custom mat?

A: From your overall dimensions, deduct ¼”.  Measure from side to side.  Acrylic bases have slightly rounded corners, while tiled bases have square corners.  Please specify if rounded corners are required.

Q: Will my mat be stable if my shower floor sloped to the drain?

A: Yes, it will be stable as it sits on beams that run the width of your mat.

Q: Can teak mats be used outside?

A: Yes, your teak mat can be used outdoors, including by the pool, outdoor showers, etc.  Teak wood is exceptionally strong and durable.  Its natural high oil content forms a barrier against the elements, without adding finishing and sealing products.

Q: Where does ARB source the teak wood?

A: We source only certified ecologically grown and harvested timber from government managed plantations in Indonesia.

Q: What warranty is covered?

A: We offer a 5 year limited warranty.  ARB Teak products are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship for 2 years.  If, after inspection by an ARB representative, a product is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of ARB Teak.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse or by normal wear and tear.  Wood is a product of nature, therefore normal aging and exposure to sunlight, household solvents and products can cause variations in the color of the teak and are not to be considered a defect.  Normal expansion and contraction in the wood can cause hairline cracks which will not weaken the product and are not to be considered defects.