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MAT6040 - Teak Shower Base - 60 x 40
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MAT6040 - Teak Shower Base - MAT - Tile
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MAT6040 - Teak Shower Base - MAT - Tile 60" x 40". ARB SPA Teak shower benches and seats are designed to last a lifetime. ARB Teak and Specialties is famous for its machine made, and hand crafted products, by the best Indonesian artisans. All of our teak wood comes from full grown plantations in Indonesia. All of the trees we used are 40 to 80 years old, which guarantees that all of our products are made of Grade A teak, which is imbedded with natural oil to protect our teak shower products for life against water, humidity, and all the different products used in a bath environment. The item is delivered completely natural and should remain natural even in the wet environment of a bath or shower. A simple scrub under fresh water with a good bristle brush is all that is required to maintain the bench or mat. Turn your bathroom into an immediate SPA, by using one of our unique shower benches, shower mats, tub seats and tub caddies. For furniture you will enjoy for a lifetime and beyond, ARB Teak and Specialties has everything you need to make your indoor or outdoor space beautiful. DO NOT APPLY/USE OIL. The direction of slats is horizontal on the 40" side. 30 slats total..


Weight 43 Pounds
Length 60 Inches
Width 40 Inches
Height 1.25 Inches